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Expert Tips: Cleaning a Bong with Multiple Percolators

Many people favor using bongs for convenience and enjoyment when it comes to smoking herbs or tobacco. Percolator bongs filter smoke through water, giving a smoother and cooler hit. But why settle for one percolator when you can have two, three, or even more?

You can purchase multiple percolator bongs instead of a single one.

Multiple percolator bongs are becoming increasingly popular among smoking fanatics for a good reason. These bongs come with many chambers, each comprising a percolator that filters the smoke as it passes through. The result is a smoother, more relaxed, and more savory hit.

Steps To Cleaning Your Bong With Multiple Percolators

Cleaning a glass water bong with multiple percolators can be more complicated than cleaning a rudimentary bong. However, it can be executed efficiently and effectively using appropriate tools and techniques. Here's how you can clean your bong with multiple percolators:

  1. Collect your cleaning supplies: You will require a cleaning solution that includes isopropyl alcohol and salt, pipe cleaners, cotton swabs, and a brush with soft bristles. You may also want to use a bong cleaning solution specifically designed for multiple percolator bongs.
  1. Disassemble your bong: Remove all parts of your bong, including the bowl, down stem, and percolators. Remember how each part fits together so you can easily reassemble it later.
  1. Rinse the parts with hot water: Rinse each part of your bong to remove any loose debris or residue.
  1. Soak the parts in the cleaning solution: Fill a container with your cleaning solution and soak each part of your bong, including the percolators, for at least 30 minutes. You may want to use a separate container for each part to prevent cross-contamination.
  1. Scrub the parts with a brush: Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub each part of your bong, paying extra attention to the percolators. You can also use pipe cleaners and cotton swabs to reach small spaces that are hard to clean with a brush.
  1. Rinse the parts with hot water: After scrubbing, rinse each part of your bong to remove all traces of the cleaning solution.
  1. Dry the parts: Use a clean towel or paper towel to thoroughly dry each part of your bong.
  1. Reassemble your bong: Once all parts are dry, reassemble your bong carefully, making sure each part is aligned correctly and fitted together.


Following these steps, you can successfully clean your bong with multiple percolators and ensure it is ready for your next smoking session. It's essential to clean your bong regularly to keep it in the best condition and prevent any buildup of harmful bacteria or residue that can affect the flavor and quality of your smoke.


Types of Multiple Percolator Bongs

Double Percolator

The most popular multiple percolator bong is the double percolator bong. As the name indicates, it has two chambers, each with its percolator. The smoke passes through the first percolator, where it is cleaned and cooled down. It then moves on to the second chamber, where it goes through another round of filtration, creating an even smoother and cooler hit. Double percolator bongs are best suited for those who want a smooth hit without losing the flavor of their herbs or tobacco.

Triple Percolator

Triple percolator bongs take it up a notch with a third chamber and percolator. The smoke passes through the first percolator and then moves on to the second chamber, where it goes through double rounds of filtration. When it reaches the mouthpiece, the hit is extraordinarily smooth and relaxed, making it perfect for those who want the smoothest experience conceivable.

Quad Percolator

For smokers who want to take it to the next level, there are bongs with four or more percolators. These bongs are designed for experienced smokers who want the ultimate smoking experience. The smoke is filtered and cooled down further with each chamber and percolator, resulting in an incredibly smooth and tasteful hit.


Multiple percolator bongs are an excellent choice for smokers wanting a smoother, cooler, and savory hit. Whether you want a double, triple, or even a quadruple percolator bong, many options are available to suit your requirements and preferences.


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